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What is Virtual Technology and what can it do for your business? Virtualization is technology that allows one or multiple virtual servers to run on one physical machine, has revolutionized all aspects of server operations. Before the advent of this technology, a single physical server represented a self-contained unit of data storage and processing. Any external factors that affected the server directly impacted all users and all data on that server. Although redundancy technologies like RAID arrays existed before virtualization, these systems employed multiple physical devices to achieve redundancy, and therefore brought with them added expense and maintenance concerns.

With Envision I.T. server virtualization, a single server or group of servers is transformed in to a robust, dynamic computing environment, capable of adapting to changing demands in real time. One of, if not The BIGGEST Advantage is the ability to revert back in time with a single Snapshot. For example, should a malicious virus, corrupt software, bad system file or driver or poorly programmed software cause the server to become infected, highly unstable, or even cause a system crash, a Snapshot will revert your system back to a previously working system before the virus infection or system crash occurred hence, SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCING DOWNTIME!

In addition to keeping data safe and accessible at all times, using Envision I.T. Virtualization technology dramatically reduce costs. It reduces the number of physical servers required, which reduces hardware, power, and cooling expenses. It’s no wonder this technology is being used in data centers all over the world, in applications that range from web hosting to enterprise level databases operating non-stop around the clock. Ultimately, server virtualization is fundamentally changing the way organizations approach server computing, and the benefits we’ve experienced have us convinced that virtual servers are the future.

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