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Who is Envision I.T. Help Desk?
Envision I.T. Help Desk is a professional IT support company for small to medium-sized businesses. Envision IT Services helps business owners maximize their technology investment and minimize technology hassles by keeping their computing environment reliable, safe and serving their business needs.
What is “Managed IT Services”?
Managed services is proactive performance management of technology (IT, telephony, software programs, computer support, server support, network support, PC repairs, etc.) assets on behalf of a customer on a subscription basis. Managed services is not a product; it’s an Envision I.T. Help Desk and how it’s delivered is agreed upon by our Customer and Envision I.T. Help Desk, the Managed Service Provider (MSP).
What is your definition of a small to medium-sized business? Is my business too small? Is my business too large?
Envision I.T. Help Desk focuses on businesses that have 5 to 99 computers per office or location.
How does Envision I.T. Help Desk work?
Envision I.T. Help Desk provides local service backed by the stability and knowledge of a national network of technical experts and a Central Services organization that monitors and remotely supports your organization 24×7. As an Envision I.T. Help Desk client, your business will receive computer, network and IT infrastructure care from a team of technology management professionals. Your Envision I.T. Help Desk team includes primary and secondary consultants who are responsible for the day-to-day needs of your technology infrastructure. Your Client Operations Representatives (CORs) assist you with scheduling, procurement and communications. Solutions Architects assist your primary and secondary consultants if they have technical challenges and with more complex projects. Your Relationship Manager is responsible for the overall management of the relationship. Your entire account team reports to a Regional Vice President should you have any questions or issues that the team cannot address.
Does Envision I.T. Help Desk offer computer software training?
Glad you asked. One of the MOST effective ways to GET the MOST out of your computers is to learn how to use them EFFECTIVELY. Envision IT Services offers anyone interested in learning how to navigate Microsoft Office efficiently and effectively whether you are enrolled in one of our introduction, intermediate or advanced classes. Envision I.T. Help Desk classes are offered daily on the software subjects you need to know. Visit the e-Learning page.
Is there an Envision I.T. Help Desk location near me?
Envision I.T. Help Desk is headquartered in Seattle, WA. However, many of our clients have branch offices outside of Seattle and we are able to maintain and manage their systems with our remote support tools and the collaboration of a local qualified Technology Support Professional.
Do you sell hardware and software?
Yes, our technology evaluation and procurement service, is one of the many convenience services that we provide our clients. We manage every step of the process: recommending software and hardware, the ordering and financing process, even disposing of technology at the end of its useful life.
What computing platforms do you support?
We support all of the computing platforms used in small to medium-sized business offices including: Windows (desktop and server versions), Virtualization Environments using Citrix and VMware, Macintosh, and Linux.
How much can I expect to pay for your services?
Envision I.T. Help Desk services are very competitive. We customize our services to meet your unique needs. Most of our clients choose Envision I.T. Help Desk Care and a monthly fixed fee option. This service allows our clients the simplicity of a monthly fee for their network maintenance needs. Projects that enhance or augment the current environment are outside the scope of Envision IT Services care and charged accordingly. Most of Envision I.T. Help Desk clients begin with a comprehensive Network Assessment also referred to as a System Health Check to determine the reliability and stability of their computing environment. The results of the Network Assessment help determine how we can help you resolve the amount of ongoing monthly care your network requires.
Do you provide website development services?
Currently, Envision I.T. Help Desk does not offer website development services. However, Envision I.T. Help Desk is looking forward to offering web development and website management services by the fourth quarter of 2013. If you would like to be contacted later this year when we are offering website services, contact us.
Do you provide programming services?
Programming is not one of the Envision I.T. Help Desk core services. However, your local Envision I.T. Help Desk office can recommend a partner in your area to assist you with programming services.
Do you offer part-time and full-time staffing?
IT services come down to efficiency, reliability and quality. Ask yourself: Does it make sense for my business to employ a full time in-house IT person(s) or would it be more cost-effective to have an IT service partner provide these capabilities? Are your technology needs great enough to warrant having full-time staff? Can your in-house staff stay knowledgeable on the wide range of technology used in your business today and needed tomorrow? Can your business attract and retain a high level technical professional who can handle all of your computer and network support needs? Most small to medium-sized businesses do not need a full-time, in-house IT professional. However, they do need a wide range of technology expertise that no single in-house person or small staff is to accommodate. For those companies, using a reliable, skilled IT services partner like Envision I.T. Help Desk is the right business choice. Contact us today to discuss your business technology support requirements.

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